Drifting @ Crail …

15 08 2010

4 seasons in one day – it’s the best way to describe Scottish weather… Drivers attending the events in Crail know it best. Once you are there though you feel like a kid in a toy store – drift oval, drag strip, show and shine area … whatever you prefer I’m sure you will enjoy a day out, no matter what weather will be like…

You know my opinion – fun is not a straight way ! … so more drifting action on here ! Below pics from a few events on Crail raceway (non mag days) – and airfield converted into race track. As usual there was lots and lots of interesting cars around, but particularly have a look on the orange strawberry face (nissan s13 with s15 front) driven by David (BDC driver), black ‘decepticon’ s14 with Mart behind the wheel (BDC) and … do you remember the m3 drift project ? yes, it’s going sideways already! watch out for a white m3 coupe with red&blue stripes, MAC is giving it some hard time on track šŸ˜€

šŸ˜€ i promise more frequent updates Ā šŸ˜›




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