Capri – ‘the sexy European’

14 09 2010

Capri was European answer to the overwhelming success of his American big brother – Ford Mustang. This muscle car was advertised as “The car you always promised yourself” or “The Sexy European” and production lasted long 17 years (1969 to 1986). And there is a good reason why they are so sought after these days by a crowd of petrolheads…


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Capri went through its history with a few facelifts and numerous special editions. Presented car is the late production model, with a few tasty tweaks. Under the bonnet it has a 2.8l petrol monster, which originally was offered on American market as N/A unit. European version was treated by SVE (Special Vehicle Engineering) which equipped engines in a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system, oil/water heat exchanger and improved radiator. These so called ‘Injection’ models after last facelift in September 1984 had also a limited slip differential which helped to put 160 bhp to the rear wheels, uprated brakes (to 9.76in brake drums) and suspension. Capri in this spec is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kph in 7.8 second and it will hit the top speed of 210 kph. So by the figures it’s a sort of a supercar of its era.

Barry’s black Capri 2.8 special is in exceptional condition; I really wish I could capture sound on my pictures as even standing and idling it has a deep and aggressive tone which ideally matches oldschool muscular silhouette of the car. Some body panels were replaced with fibreglass elements to save some weight and improve the performance. Unfortunately, original interior didn’t survive the time trial, the present seats were sourced from the rs model, however the owner promised that he’s on the hunt for the black interior (hope he meant the half-leather one) to match the colour and evil character of the car.

Capri stands out from the crowd of ‘normal cars’ in every aspect. In its presence you realise how the car world has changed recently… from gas guzzling beasts, built for delivering tons of adrenaline, with aggressive design where every line of bodywork underlined the status of muscle car, and when driving experience could be defined as ‘hella fun’, to a boxes with wheels which we pass everyday, designed to reduce the insurance and tax bills. I know it sounds mental to you now and you will say that it’s the progress… but trust me, if there is a bit of a petrolhead in you and you will see this Capri even parked between other cars, or see and hear it on the road, you will understand what I’m on about… for now – enjoy the pics.




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15 09 2010

Piękna sztuka!

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