Radical experience

7 02 2011
Simple equation:
160 bhp + 440 kg + tons of adrenaline = Radical


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Some time ago I invited myself to Knockhill for a track day organised by TrackScotland. I wanted to meet there with Duncan, to snap a few pics of what is the most radical car featured on here so far… the Radical.
This car seems to have a very simple way of delivering tons of adrenaline, it has a n/a 1.1-litre powertec engine sourced from Kawasaki ZZR, so it is claimed to push out a healthy 185 bhp, but in the words of the owner: ‘that figure is overexadurated, probably it’s more like 160 bhp’. Well, in the shell that weighs next to nothing that is A LOT.
Now if you want to see the Radical in action… Duncan is planning to prove his skills in the BRSCC Open Sports Car Championship series this year. So good luck Dunc! I hope to catch up for some track action shots later on this year
Enjoy the selection of pics:

See you next time !




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