SXOC drift day – March 2011

22 05 2011

With a massive delay but better late than never … few pics from the first drift day organised by SXOC in Crail. It was few months ago but I still remember how cold the weather was.


* For more photos and news please visit or join us on facebook,  see you all there ! 🙂 *


Anyway I agreed to meet with TeamScotdrift at Martin’s garage … well I turned up at 9am which during weekend is like a midnight for me. In addition my car gave up so I was cruising in a rental Kia Picanto … anyway I met the crew, enjoyed the chat, hot cup of tea/coffee driftcars and … the heavy snowfall !! All worried about conditions and if the event will take place as scheduled we headed in a convoy towards Crail.

Now you have to agree that people are tough and brave if they go drifting in ice cold weather and snow ! I must say that despite the cold the atmosphere was fantastic and the paddock was full of very very nice rides like mental beemers e39, skyline r32  and candy red Toyota chaser … there was also my dream drift car – Nissan ps13 ! Team Scotdrift had some technical issues but once sorted they showed what they capable of.

Anyway words don’t do the justice and I’m always just moaning about the weather blah blah blah so now onto the photos:




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