Taste of Japan

23 09 2011

Following build-threads of these cars one could write a guide how to modify a car without ruining it. To start off you need a car, passion, good taste and a lot of patience …


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It’s a photoshoot from June … just to remind you those sunny, warm(-ish) afternoons … you won’t see here some ‘one-off’, PVC enriched, 4wheeled creature because fortunately in these hard days there are people with passion for cars. These guys put a lot of heart in modifications, every detail is well thought through to match the whole project, and no money was spared to create something unique. The lists of mods are just too long to list for each car here … So pics will have to do the justice.

Unfortunately because of delay in featuring this photos on my blog some of these cars are already sold … so the owners (or rather ex-owners) might shed a tear seeing these again. Anyway I would like to thank you guys (you know who you are! 😉 ) for a brilliant photoshoot! Now, allow me to introduce:

Honda civic eg siR – clean classic just like they should be:

Honda civic type-r ek9 supercharged touge monster:

Mazda mx5 with amazing wheels and spotless interior:

Nissan s14 in interesting purple with r34 wheels! :

and some more pics (as usual 🙂 ):





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