The drift-limo

29 10 2011

If you are into JDM car culture you will know how rare these 4door skylines are … you will also understand how I feel writing about this particular car.


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First of all the owner of this car is an utter JDM geek … he barely speaks about anything else than drifting, skidding and Nissans. He used to own black sil80, and then moved onto skylines … so one can assume that his heavily modified or in other words quite rare and unique cars are giving insurance companies a proper headache.

This man has the phrase ‘Driven not polished’ framed on the wall in his garage and seems to follow that rule … and that’s where my personal views are so different. The point is I like Japanese cars, I enjoy drifting but I don’t get the dori-missile style … it’s kind of a track version of rat look which I don’t fully understand either. To be fair it doesn’t bother me much, as everyone has a different taste and I assume the owners of these vehicles must have had some sort of vision to ‘modify’ their cars in such way … it’s just that I don’t enjoy the view of duct tape, dents, cracked body-kits, rust, broken lamps and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support people who hide their cars in air conditioned garages for future generations. I think the cars should be used according to what they were built for, BUT they should be also properly looked after and maintained to certain standards.

Unfortunately this particular car is a track slag and has some battle scars; some may claim these will add tons of character to its appearance, well… no. But let’s start from the beginning; this is a second 4 door r32 skyline this bloke owns. First one was white, and ended up with smashed front (eeek!), chassis twisted (arrr!) and being generally ruined ([censored]). This lad never gives up and quickly gained new 4door gts-t shell and swapped the bits over. To make it more interesting together with new shell came very rare in Europe, full DUCE body kit (with wings), supplemented by extremely rare JimmyUp stickers (I’m sure I have seen these in one of the popular car mags though).

Then shiny Work Emotion wheels were added to give it a bit of sparking yet mean JDM looks. It makes proper JDM noise too, with gun fire effects sponsored by Bee*R rev limiter.

Skyline has also full gtr interior, unfortunately no pics of that as the car was filled with toolboxes, parts, car mags and general clutter (true JDM way) … instead I managed to capture a bit dirty door card with transformers theme and purple spot lights illuminating the tarmac when doors were opened.

The bit which really put me off was the rear offside which has a sort of souvenir from Crail drift day … which is a diplomatic expression for a damage after contact with tyre wall (blame people tapping the wall and teasing the driver), crowned with duct tape masking holes after spoiler removal …

I shall stop writing now to not mention other things that in my opinion are spoiling this unique car and remind you and myself the famous motto of the owner … the car needs to be ‘driven not polished’ … I will let the photos speak and help you to make your own mind:




3 responses

29 10 2011
Bartek Kopylec

i feel sorry for that sky 😐

21 12 2011

the owner needs to be slapped in the face, way to ruin a good car. moron

31 12 2011

Great write up and photos! I love this car 😀

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