Mean Machine

18 04 2012

I like the cars designed for drivers, not the cars to be driven in. I also have a soft spot for machines which were created with a pinch of anger and rebel. This is why I would always choose Bentley over Rolls and Lambo over Ferrari. Not so long ago I had a pleasure to take photos of a stunning example of the rebel of designers. Instead another sturdy coupe with a high roof line for the ease of access they created a milestone of european coupes, the BMW 6 e24.


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E24 replaced the CS and CSL models and was produced for over 10 years between 1976 and 1989. In the first years of production the bodywork was manufactured by Karmann, but later moved to the BMW factories. This particular example was equipped in 3,5 liter engine paired with 5 speed automatic gearbox. I used the past tense as it is no more.

The proud owner is passionate about BMW and started the restoration with the tight deadline set to use this car to drive to his own wedding. There was a lot of effort put into the car, the bodywork is fully restored with a colour change from graphite to the deepest black, leather interior was reconditioned. However the most important changes are under the bonnet. The standard 3,5l was swapped for the mighty v12 from the BMW 7er.

Although the BMW still runs with automatic gearbox, the conversion to manual is planned for this season. The swap for v12 gave the car tons of gangster attitude. Even gentle cruise in black oldschool muscle with a v12 lazy growl is an unforgettable experience. The words as usual fail to describe the complexity of the modifications and to capture the brilliance of this car, so I let you off with a couple of pics:




One response

18 04 2012
Mariusz Klos

Miałem okazję takim polatać. Miodzio fura , teraz już tylko nabiera wartości.

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