Charlie, the Scotsman

24 04 2012

The first round of BDC at Teesside revealed Charlie, the new drift car driven by David Waterworth. Project Charlie was classified as top secret and was kept as quiet as possible to wow the crowds this season (2012). I was one of the very lucky people who could be around when the project started, and I managed to keep a brief record of the progress.


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At the end of the 2011 BDC season there was an info that David Waterworth from Team Scotdrift is planning to replace the very well known ‘strawberry face’ s13.5 (nissan s13 with the front of s15) with something special. There were numerous speculations about his next car, what is it going to be, what engine, power etc. and that is exactly how the legend of Charlie was born. This though goes deeper, as Charlie is a mixture of David’s dream cars. He said to me once that he always wanted to have a Dodge Viper for road use, and Nissan s15 as a drift car. Thus project Charlie started as gray nissan S15, in stock spec and sprayed white to match team livery.

In order to reduce the weight of the car the whole interior was stripped out of the useless back seats, plastics, consoles etc.

However to add some safety features, make the body more rigid and finally meet the strict BDC regulations David fitted the car with full cage.

All that however was not bonkers enough and had to meet the high expectations of the crowd and the brave driver himself. The 8l, v10 engine sourced from the Dodge Viper came very handy to convert the s15 to evil drift machine.

This was not a straight swap, the car needed a whole front to be customised with new chassis … and it had to be wide, much much wider than the standard shell.

After the long winter and hours of work, you could admire the looks and the fabulous noise the car makes on the track. If not, make sure you attend one of the drift events and introduce yourself to Charlie. He’s rough but still a gentleman.

Before I finish the write up and let you browse all the rest of the pics from the built I would like to thank Team Scotdrift, especially David, Martin and Steve.




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1 05 2012

Nuking Futs! I love bonkers builds like these!

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