Charnwood Cruisers

25 04 2012

We attended one of the regular local meets of Charnwood Cruisers, and we were amazed with their cars and atmosphere.

Charnwood Cruisers established back in 1975 and they are something more than an ordinary car club. Members meet regularly on every first and third Saturday of the month, always in the same place, the main layby on A6 just outside Loughborough.

The atmosphere is just fantastic, it is like a big family, everyone knows each other and they are open for new faces even if you don’t drive a car that fits the scene. The only thing that matters is passion… passion for cars, music, the whole lifestyle. Another striking thing is the variability of the cars in the club. You have for example immaculate, polished to the highest standards showcars like Ford Zodiac, prostreet Duster, AC Cobra or bagged Impala standing next to mental and quite radical rat rod from hell based on Austin 8.

This mix is complemented by smell of bbq, rock music and roar of the old school, massive gas guzzlig beasts … it is quite an experience which I would recommend to everybody.

Special thanks to Con, Duane, Smok and Frank for a warm welcome ! See you next time guys, I hope you will enjoy the photos.


For more photos and news please visit or join us on facebook,  see you all there ! 🙂





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