Welcome to the most boring part of my blog where, if you’re desperate enough, you can read a wee bit about my adventure with photography …

My first camera was a good ol’ fuji s5600. When I bought it I had no clue about photography or whatsoever, so I used to just take pics of everything around what was not running too fast (panning shots were waaaay beyond my skills 😛 ). Then thanks to folk on autogaleria.pl and patience of my friend Marcin I’ve started to learn basic rules of digital photography and discover a new world of manual settings … and so the time has come when i decided that I need an upgrade. I knew that I want a dslr camera but with student budget it had to be cheapo one … the weapon of choice was Pentax K100d Super, with kitted lense and sigma 70-300mm dg apo. Nothing much change since then apart from a body of camera, k100d broke down and insurance replaced that with pentax K-m a much smaller,quiet and lighter machine … doesn’t feel like a proper dslr but it does the job and i already got used to it.

Skill-wise … I consider myself as a beginner, there is still soooo much to discover and learn. What’s the next step? Well I’m plannig to get a flash gun and learn how to use it properly …

What can I say more … ? Keep an eye on the updates and if you’ve got some questions drop me a line 😉




If you are interested in a photoshoot or have any questions please drop me a line on:



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