Moving the site !

6 11 2012

Alright folks ! I can see that many of you still visit this blog, even though I haven’t posted here in a while. Now, the reason for being so quiet is that I am co-author on SHADOW If you like what you read and seen here so far please visit the new website! You can also join us on facebook for live discussion and even more news and photos ! – see you all there 🙂


Charnwood Cruisers

25 04 2012

We attended one of the regular local meets of Charnwood Cruisers, and we were amazed with their cars and atmosphere.

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Charlie, the Scotsman

24 04 2012

The first round of BDC at Teesside revealed Charlie, the new drift car driven by David Waterworth. Project Charlie was classified as top secret and was kept as quiet as possible to wow the crowds this season (2012). I was one of the very lucky people who could be around when the project started, and I managed to keep a brief record of the progress.
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Mean Machine

18 04 2012

I like the cars designed for drivers, not the cars to be driven in. I also have a soft spot for machines which were created with a pinch of anger and rebel. This is why I would always choose Bentley over Rolls and Lambo over Ferrari. Not so long ago I had a pleasure to take photos of a stunning example of the rebel of designers. Instead another sturdy coupe with a high roof line for the ease of access they created a milestone of european coupes, the BMW 6 e24.

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The drift-limo

29 10 2011

If you are into JDM car culture you will know how rare these 4door skylines are … you will also understand how I feel writing about this particular car. Read the rest of this entry »

Taste of Japan

23 09 2011

Following build-threads of these cars one could write a guide how to modify a car without ruining it. To start off you need a car, passion, good taste and a lot of patience …

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2011 BDC at Knockhill

29 08 2011

Every drifter competing in BDC wants to get the title of ‘The King of the hill’, to achieve that they have to take on the challenge at Knockhill racing circuit.

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